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October 9, 2011
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Curves doesnt excuse asshatery by Akunochi Curves doesnt excuse asshatery by Akunochi
Yeah, had to say it!

Before anyone throws shit at me, I'm actually pretty big boned myself but I'm actually making this one for a friend of mine who went to school with me. She's pretty skinny, but she wasn't a toothpick. But she always got made fun of at school by bigger girls, being called "Skelebitch!" and "anorexic whore!" just because she tried wearing skirts, and outfits that clinged to her tiny figure. After that she would always wear baggy clothing and hid herself because she thought there was something wrong with her because she was constantly reminded of her thinness.

Honestly I think it's pretty hypocritical that it's perfectly fine to bash a skinny girl and judge her by her weight, which it can also be something she can't control, but it's sooo offensive if you tell someone they're fat?

Now for the stamp I used the saying, "Real women have curves!" which is usually a bigger girls way of defending herself or masking her insecurity. I think it's pretty stupid.

Who are you to tell someone that they're not a real woman because of how her body looks? Isn't that what you were trying to discourage in the FIRST place? And yet you're no better! You're just as shallow and stuck up as the ones who laugh at bigger people.

Can't we all just get along? Why can't we just start a movement of acceptance towards ALL body types? Everyone is beautiful thick or thin. We all might have our preferences, but that doesn't give you the right to insult and downsize someones feminism or X chromosomes because she's not as physically developed or, God forbid, she's skinny!
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Everyone is beautiful 
Aerodil Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Aww, I feel bad for you friend. As a girl with big bones I agree with this stamp. Women are women, not matter what type of body we have.
skinny people can have curves
(it's still wrong to say that flat chested women aren't women though)
I'm 18, 7'6" tall, and 91 lbs. I'm seriously thin for my height and its freaky. I have curves but no one really noticed that. Thanks for making this stamp, though.
I'm 15, but I'm 5'3" and 87 pounds. I'm very skinny, and I don't have curves, really. I have the smallest indication of a waist, I'm at the small end of a B-cup, and my bones show everywhere. Wearing something skin-tight, you can see an indication of my ribs, my hip bones, my collar bones, my spine, my wrist bones are clearly visible, along with the long, skinny bones on the back of my hand. I've been told I was skinny many times, but rarely is it negative, fortunately.
KaizokuShojo Jul 19, 2013   Traditional Artist
I think, people need to attempt to be as healthy as they can.  But people don't need to be judged as 'this' or 'that' just from appearances because there are all sorts of factors in it.  Some people have problems being too thin or thick because of genetics, or environment (I know at my house, there tends to be loads of junk food, so I try even harder to eat carefully...but still can't do as much as I like). 
Sapphirefoxette Mar 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I thought real women had a uterus
Akyura44 Dec 1, 2012  Student General Artist
Agreed :thumbsup:
I have a tiny but also mannish figure (small breasts, shoulders much broader than hips etc). And you know what I recently read? That curvy women are more intelligent than the rest!
Great point... all types of women can be sexy and attractive. open mindedness is sexy ;)
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